Puerto Aventuras

This is one of the most beautiful beaches on the Caribbean. Located 70 kilometers from Cancun and 14 kilometers from Akumal, Puerto Aventuras offers numerous attractions such as ecological tours, water sports and fishing. Facing the beach, in the middle of the bay, is an island that serves as a nocturnal sanctuary for thousands of birds. The water is warm and transparent, making this one of the favorite places for snorkeling and scuba diving. It also has a dolphin facility where you can enjoy the marvelous experience of swimming with one of the planet's most intelligent creatures.

One of the principal attractions at Puerto Aventuras is the San Carlos Marina, where numerous ships berth and where there are many restaurants and cafes with a splendid view of the sea. You can rent boats by the hour or day from the Marina for deep-sea fishing or simply to cruise the Caribbean sea's tranquil turquoise waters.

The abundance of fish in this zone makes it one of the preferred places for big-game fishing, with a challenging contest during the month of April. Besides fishing, some other favorite sports in the area are golf, with a course located at kilometer 269.5, and regatta races, held at San Carlos Marina during the months of May and June.

Puerto's Cedam Museum is a facinating display of wreckage and artifacts collected from shipwrecks along the eastern coastline. Exhibits include 16th century breech-loading cannons and an elephant tusk from the wreckage of a 17th century ship carrying African slaves and ivory. Artifacts including cheker pieces, fragile dinnerware, ship decorations and parts are displayed from the shipwreckers of El Matancero (1741), the steamship Golden Gate (1962) and Tweed (1847) among others. The museum was founded by Pablo Bush Romero in Akumal, 1959 but has been situated on the Puerto Aventuras marina for the past 10 years. Cedam is a non-profit organization dedicated to the preservation, conservation & non-intrusive exploration of underwater natural and archaeological resources. The museum is supported by donations at the door and open daily from 10am-1pm and 2-6pm.